Our Mission

We are passionate about creating a better everyday life for the many people

What we do

We offer a faster, cheaper, and a better way of communicating


Winner at the TechCrunch showdown 2015

SYNA 2mins Elevator pitch

SYNA is simple & easy to use

Introducing a product that completely change the way we communicate

Seamless Communication

You no longer have to setup an ambiguious sound system to speak to an audience,With SYNA device you can start talking uninterruptedly

High connectivity

SYNA device allow unlimited user connections.More than 1 million smartphones can connect at a time.

Amazing Design

Our device is portable,smart,and has a long battery lifespan.

Recording Fuctionality

Audience can record streams from our device in real-time and sync to cloud with their smartphone after every single event.

Real time Listening

With SYNA app, audience can listen to a speaker on their smartphone without internet connectivity

Our First Prototype Design

SYNA will be available soon... Watch out for the launch date

Ready to explore the power of SYNA?

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